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Question-Based Approach

Balance the mind, body and soul.

Equipoise Soul & Bodywork, LLC

Your Life, Recreated

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Learn More About Me

I desire to change the world for YOU, me

and everyone else who chooses it

I'm a licensed Massage Therapist with a background in Martial Arts, Yoga, Energy Healing, Native American Spiritual Studies and Access Consciousness, just to name a few.

I specialize in customizing your session to fit your highest level of need. Together we will create the greatest change and truly transform the body.


Learn More About Ann Marie

Ann Marie Lapps is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Aesthetician.  She has devoted the past 20 years to helping clients relax and making them feel like butter after their session. Her specialties include deep tissue, stretching, myofascial stretching and release, cupping, hot stone massage, and prenatal massage. She has a love of skincare and recently started a small body care and soap business called Angel Hands Soap Co.


Her skincare products can be found at the  Equipoise Emporium. She is very excited to contribute her talents to Equipoise Soul & Bodywork!

New Offering

Creation Conversation Coaching one on one sessions. 

These intimate sessions are a place of true contribution. It's a judgment-free space where you can begin to look at things from a completely different perspective to get the change you most desire. Leave your mind behind in these sessions, they are designed to assist us in raising our level of awareness through questions.


30 Minutes - $55;  60 Minutes - $90;  90 Minutes - $120

Add on to Any Session:

CBD/Biofreeze or Essential Oils - $5 | Cupping Trial - $5 | Cupping - $10

Hot Stones to One Area - $10 | Full body Hot Stone - $40


Hot towels are always complimentary.


Venmo: Sheryl-Gallagher-3

Please join me for my Podcast:

Creation Conversations with Sheryl Gallagher

Let's go deeper into the conversation, as I share experiences, tools, guests and much more!

Waken the soul and create your reality.

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Access BARS™

This energetic process assists in clearing judgements and limitations in all areas of your life. There are 32 points on the head in areas such as money, aging, healing that are held or lightly touched.

1-on-1 Creation
Conversation Coaching with Sheryl

Is a place free from judgement, where we will begin to explore real life topics from a question. Where we will take a journey into expanding your consciousness, where you can begin to look at things from a different perspective to get the change you most desire. We will tailor your experience to meet your specific needs and desires. 

Massage Services

We will customize a massage session based on your specific needs. Your session may include a variety of the following:

Swedish / Deep Tissue

Yoga & Massage

Stretch & Massage

Crystal Healing & Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Pre-Natal Massage

Pre / Post Event Sports Massage

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Yoga Pose
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Is a very gentle process that simply by touching points on the chest, neck, face and head can create effects through the whole body.

The Access Consciousness FACELIFT has been provided in multiple Spas, Wellness Centers and Plastic Surgeons' offices worldwide.

Manual Lymph Drainage

It is a very gentle touch that assists the lymph system in its work. MLD helps to reduce inflammation and swelling such as in cases of arthritis. Lymph drainage massage is beneficial for conditions such as lymphedema,  lipedema or even after surgery. Helping to detoxify the body is also another benefit.


Cupping is the practice of using cups (glass, plastic, or silicone) to raise the tissue, draw blood to the surface and create space between the subcutaneous layers.

Massage Cupping is the practice of cups used with manual manipulation to achieve an increase in Range of motion, by relaxing deep tissues and assisting in releasing built-up metabolic wastes which cause pain.

Chakra Balancing

The body has 7 main energy highways also known as the chakras. When these areas are “balanced” and moving you tend to experience more harmony with the mind/body connection.


The feet are used in this approach to aid in perhaps healing the body in areas that can’t be addressed with regular massage. Within the feet lies the entire body. The reflex points relate to every part of the body. I can address things like shoulder pain or even high blood pressure.

14 Point Muscle Balance

Muscle balancing refers to Eastern philosophy and the energetic meridians that run through the body. If there is disharmony in the body we can tell by testing the major muscles the meridians run through. Techniques are used to shift the energy running through the body creating a more harmonious result.


Use of essential oils dates back to Egyptian times. There are many therapeutic properties from relaxation to energizing the body even reducing pain. The oils are either diffused in the air or applied to the body with a carrier oil.

Guided Visualization

Relax guided work where you will listen to music, drums or singing bowls. I walk you through steps to gain more awareness and connect to your body. Resulting in less stress and more ease in your body.

Past Life Regression

Gentle guided work where you access your subconscious memories and experiences from a life prior to this lifetime. Each experience can be different and what shows up is simply the information required at this time. There are hundreds of lifetimes. Which one will show up for you?

Yoga Sessions

Allow a 1 on 1 session to either deepen your practice or get you started. I teach Hatha Yoga style which can be done in a flow or a little bit slower to dive in more and explore each pose.

Medicine Wheel Reading

This Native American version of the tarot came from Sunbear and is designed to provide guidance in life. Stones are used in the reading to construct your “personal” wheel thereby unfolding your journey.

Singing Bowl Healing

The singing bowl whether it be metal or crystal has long been used to change the vibration of a space or person. Sometimes I will start a session with them or end a session. And there are times that they are also placed on and around the body.

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“Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.”

Henry Ford

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