Question-Based Approach

Balance the mind, body and soul.


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I desire to change the world for YOU, me and everyone else who chooses it

I'm a licensed Massage Therapist with a background in Martial Arts, Yoga, Energy Healing, Native American Spiritual Studies and Access Consciousness, just to name a few.

I specialize in customizing your session to fit your highest level of need. Together we will create the greatest change and truly transform the body.

*** Now offering***

Creation Conversations one on one sessions. 

These intimate sessions are a place of true contribution. It's a judgement free space where you can begin to look at things from a completely different perspective to get the change you most desire. Leave your mind behind in these sessions, they are designed to assist us in raising our level of awareness through question.



30 Minutes - $50;  60 Minutes - $85;  90 Minutes - $115

Full body Hot Stone - Additional $25


Please join me for my weekly Podcast:

Creation Conversations with Sheryl Gallagher

Let's go deeper into the conversation, as I share experiences, tools, guests and much more!

Waken the soul and create your reality.

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